Post-Transplant Hair Care: Dos and Don’ts

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When you return home after a hair transplant, it’s crucial to take proper care of your new hair grafts. These grafts are still delicate and need careful attention to ensure they grow well. At our hair transplant clinic in Indore, we provide detailed home care instructions to all our hair transplant patients before they leave. Here are some of the key DO’s and DON’Ts we highlighted.


  • Follow Post-Op Instructions: Stick to the specific guidelines your surgeon gives you.
  • Keep the Scalp Clean: Gently wash your scalp with a mild shampoo as directed, avoiding vigorous scrubbing.
  • Elevate Your Head While Sleeping: Use extra pillows or a recliner to keep your head elevated and reduce swelling.
  • Stay Hydrated and Eat Well: Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  • Take Prescribed Medications: Follow your surgeon’s instructions and take the prescribed medications to help with healing and to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Rest Well: Rest as much as you can for a few days after the hair transplant surgery. Relaxing will speed up your recovery process.


  • Avoid Touching or Scratching: Refrain from touching or scratching your scalp to prevent dislodging the grafts.
  • Refrain from sun exposure – Avoid direct sun exposure altogether after the surgical procedure for 2 weeks. 
  • Avoid Strenuous Activities: Don’t engage in heavy lifting, intense exercise, or activities that cause excessive sweating for at least a week.
  • Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol: Avoid smoking and alcohol as they can hinder the healing process.
  • Don’t Panic Over Shedding: It’s normal for some transplanted hairs to fall out initially. This is part of the growth cycle, and new hair will eventually grow.
  • Avoid Hats or Caps: Don’t wear hats or caps right after the transplant. Wait for 10-15 days to allow the transplanted hairs to settle without any pressure.
  • Don’t Wash Your Hair Immediately : Do not wash your hair for at least 2 days after the surgery. After this period, you can gently wash your hair but avoid rubbing your scalp or applying too much pressure.

Taking these precautions can help ensure your newly transplanted hair grows strong and healthy. For those in Indore, choosing a reliable hair transplant in Indore ensures you receive the best care and guidance throughout your recovery.

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