Get a Masculine Beard Painlessly through Beard Hair Transplant in Indore.

Get a Masculine Beard Painlessly through Beard Hair Transplant in Indore.

What Is Beard Hair Transplant?

A beard transplant mirrors a hair transplant, where hair grafts from the scalp’s back are relocated to the facial beard area. Using the Follicular Extraction Technique (FUE), it offers a natural and enduring solution. Your restored beard can be customized to your preferences, including trimming, coloring, and styling. Experience the ideal beard restoration at Seraphic.

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How the Beard Transplant Procedure Works

A beard transplant is performed using the FUE procedure, involving the extraction of approximately 1500-2000 hairs from the donor area. These hairs are then transplanted to the facial region under local anesthesia. In the recipient area, small slits are made for grafting. This intricate process demands precision, skill, and advanced equipment. Seraphic ensures the precise density, angle, and direction of the transplanted hairs, resulting in flawless outcomes. Minimal, inconspicuous scars naturally heal. Recovery and results align with the timeline of a standard hair transplant procedure.

Who is a candidate?
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Have a thin or patchy beard

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Have burn marks or scars on the face

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Want to get that rock star moustache, goatee, and sideburns

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Want to create a natural-looking beard for female to male transgender men

Our Results

Results of Hair Transplants at Seraphic


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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala

12+ years of experience MDS, FFPS

Dr. Harish Ghildiyal

20+ years of experience MS, Mch
12+ years of experience MDS, FFPS
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What are the Alternatives to Beard hair transplant?

At Seraphic, we are matching steps with the latest global advancements in hair restoration techniques. We have many treatment options. After evaluating a patient’s needs, medical profile, and budget, we offer a customised solution that may or may not involve invasive treatment. A few alternatives to hair transplant are Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) , Micro Pigmentation(SMP), and Minoxidil application.

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Minoxidil application

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a common treatment for hair loss on the scalp, but it may also be effective at stimulating hair growth on the face. Topical minoxidil is available in liquid and foam varieties. One drawback is that once you stop applying it, your new hair growth typically slows down and stops altogether.

PRP Therapy

PRP is used to promote new hair growth in balding areas and even reverse male pattern baldness, restoring the natural appearance in men.

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In micropigmentation or commonly called as tattooing your doctor will deposit small dots of pigment (medical grade color ) in your beard skin. These dots will give appearance like small hair in your beard. The procedure is painless, has no side effects if done in safe hands and gives good look for around 3 years. Then it needs to be repeated.

The Bottom Line

Non-surgical hair restoration, though inexpensive and attractive, may not be suitable at times. In fact, it can defeat the purpose of getting a natural beard if it is carried out just to save bucks.

Non-invasive means are excellent as support mechanisms: to add to the overall result. As a stand-alone treatment, it puts the burden of maintenance and follow-up therapies on the patient.

For quick, permanent, and natural-looking results, a hair transplant in beard is often the best strategy.


Compromise in Safety at Seraphic

Is Hair Transplant safe? Are there any side effects?

Every medical procedure carries risks. This is where expertise and quality come into sharp focus. By investing in trained staff and modern equipment, it is possible to nullify side effects like infection, scarring, loss of grafts, and pain. Seraphic follows all international protocols and due diligence in executing the procedure, giving the patients safe and effective results at affordable prices.

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1 Day Procedure

Spotlessly clean and hygienic clinic

100 % Sterilization prior to the procedure

Direct working by doctors themselves & all steps personally supervised by Dr Anil Soni

International operating room standards

100% emergency preparedness

"Consequently, 'LOW COSTS' add up in the long run as complications arise. You end up paying more! Visit Genesis for the safest FUE hair transplant in Indore and Central India."
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