Fast, Efficient, and Comfortable Hair Transplant Procedure in Indore

Fast, Efficient, and Comfortable Hair Transplant Procedure in Indore

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation offers an exceptionally effective and enduring solution for hair loss. This procedure involves extracting follicles from a donor site, typically the back of the head, and transplanting them into the bald area, resulting in a more natural appearance. The newly implanted hairs will continue to grow according to their original pattern, boosting your confidence, self-esteem, and overall appearance. You can also style, color, and trim your hair to your preference.

A hair transplant is a proven method to reverse the effects of aging and regain a youthful appearance. Additionally, this technique can effectively conceal blemishes, burns, and scars in hair-bearing areas. Visit Seraphic for the PREMIER HAIR TRANSPLANT IN INDORE.

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Hair Transplant Procedure

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Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala

12+ years of experience MDS, FFPS

Dr. Harish Ghildiyal

20+ years of experience MS, Mch
12+ years of experience MDS, FFPS

What to expect Post-Procedure?

Secure grafts, remove dressing painlessly in three minutes for comfort.

Antibiotic, painkiller prescribed for comfort, healing. Administer 3-5 days.

Swift recovery, high success, affordability, efficient return to work.

Post-transplant care: essential steps for new hair graft upkeep.

Donor area fully heals within 7-8 weeks post-procedure.

Recipient area scabs wash away in 7-10 days post-transplantation.

One clinic visit post-procedure for dressing removal; no compulsory follow-ups.

Minor forehead swelling in 5% of patients, resolves spontaneously, painless.

Transplanted hair sheds in 15-20 days, then regrows fully in 7-8 months.


Compromise in Safety at Seraphic

Is Hair Transplant safe? Are there any side effects?

Every medical procedure carries risks. This is where expertise and quality come into sharp focus. By investing in trained staff and modern equipment, it is possible to nullify side effects like infection, scarring, loss of grafts, and pain. Seraphic follows all international protocols and due diligence in executing the procedure, giving the patients safe and effective results at affordable prices.

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts, No Wounds, Painless

1 Day Procedure

Spotlessly clean and hygienic clinic

100 % Sterilization prior to the procedure

Direct working by doctors themselves & all steps personally supervised by Dr Anil Soni

International operating room standards

100% emergency preparedness

"Consequently, 'LOW COSTS' add up in the long run as complications arise. You end up paying more! Visit Genesis for the safest FUE hair transplant in Indore and Central India."
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